E-sports chair with changes

Speaking of the e-sports chair, what kind of nouns will the players make their own brains, ergonomic design, adjustable armchair back, or cool fashion? But the second-to-none must be comfort, the characteristics of e-sports require players to invest heavily With energy and sitting for a long time, a comfortable e-sports chair can effectively relieve the fatigue of the shoulders and wrists of the players. And 20 years ago, e-sports players were not as lucky as they are today.

At the end of the last century, the design philosophy of the peripheral company for the esports chair was simple and rude. In the picture above, this chair looks like no comfort research. The bare seat is also strangely set up with controllers for different games. The only place that the player can adjust is the position of this controller. This shape is reminiscent of the horrible torture chair in the anti-Japanese drama. Presumably this chair is not suitable for sedentary. The only thing worth mentioning is that it is very suitable for the fighting game contest or the situation where friends play a certain kind of game in turn, because this esports chair is very convenient when getting up and sitting down.

Professional team level e-sports chair

In order to keep professional players in a scientific, comfortable and healthy sitting position, professional-grade e-sports chairs need to refer to ergonomics. The lumbar pillows and headrests can be disassembled and moved up and down, providing comfortable and effective support regardless of body shape. The large adjustable angle allows it to instantly become a bed, professional players can lie down and rest directly! In today's mobile e-sports hot, a professional e-sports chair for professional teams must be used for a special purpose, adjust the seat back And the height of the armrest can support the body and the arm more comfortably, and improve the position of the screen of the mobile phone to protect the cervical vertebra.