A Whole Wardrobe The Pursuit Of Technology And Design

If there is a certain economic conditions, compared with existing Wardrobe (furniture, first designer and the user has a close contact and exchanges, home style and understand the user's hobbies, and door-to-door survey, design the proper wardrobe. This time, designers will provide computer renderings, such as user satisfaction based on drawings made by line a whole wardrobe, so custom closet price is relatively higher than the finished product as a whole wardrobe.

Tailored wardrobe because they are so price is not fixed, the main quality of sheet metal, thickness of plate area, the whole wardrobe brand awareness, and so on, the whole wardrobe prices are generally more expensive in the country, not just technology, but also its high-end image, each city's prices are not the same, specific price with these factors.

The whole wardrobe material fees. There are two computation methods on the market today, according to area, and another is based on the projection area is. Front projection area is relatively simple, is the Cabinet of length x height, consumers can easily count myself clear and area calculation rule is calculated according to the area of the Cabinet how much each partition size must be calculated separately, more complex to calculate. Plates are different, different prices, for example, wood particle board than MDF price is high, approximately 260 Yuan/square meter.