Analysis Of Factors Affecting Thermal Comfort Of Office Chair Seat

There are many factors affecting the thermal comfort of the seat surface. Through the understanding of the manufacturing process and the composition of the office chair seat surface, the seat surface material, the thickness and the shape of the seat surface mainly affect the thermal comfort of the seat surface. . The most important factor is the material of the seat surface. Thermal conductivity, moisture permeability and gas permeability are important thermophysical indicators for measuring the thermal comfort of the material. Therefore, the thermal comfort of the seat surface should be studied from these three aspects.

Seat material

The material of the seat surface can be divided into a seat surface material and a seat surface filling material. Common seat surface materials include cloth, mesh, and leather. Now there is a non-single splicing seat, which is usually the splicing of the cloth or leather and the mesh, for better thermal comfort. The commonly used seat surface filling material is foam. There are many kinds of foam materials, mainly foamed cotton. Generally, foamed cotton with a hardness of 70 and a density of 30, 24, 16 is used as a filling material. Different densities will have a certain effect on the thermal comfort of the seat surface. The sponge with the higher density, the smaller the gap, the worse the gas permeability and the moisture permeability.

Seat thickness

The thickness of a common office chair is in the range of 5-15 cm. Generally speaking, the office chair of the mesh surface and the cloth surface is thin, and the office chair of the leather is thick. In the summer, people tend to choose office chairs with thinner seating, so single-sided office chairs are becoming more and more popular. When studying thermal comfort, the thickness of the filling material is mainly considered. The larger the thickness of the filling material of the same kind, the worse the heat dissipation and moisture permeability, so the thermal comfort is worse.

Seat shape

The shape of the seat of the existing office chair is more and more complicated, especially the office chair of the leather has different seating forms. The change in the shape of the seat can not only add extra points to the shape of the office chair, but also have a certain impact on thermal comfort. When people sit on different shapes of the seat surface, the contact area with the seat surface is different, and the pressure distribution is different, so the temperature of the contact surface between the person and the seat surface will be different.