Bar Chair - Enjoy Life With An Elegant Attitude

As a kind of public seat, the comfort of the bar chair is not very good. But for this, we really don't have to complain about it, because the bar chair is not comfortable, it just makes people stand still, and it doesn't want people to "stay" on it for a long time. In this way, the design of the bar chair may be "intentional" to make people feel uncomfortable. For example, a narrow sitting surface, a negligible backrest, no armrests, and no feet can be stepped on the floor after sitting up. On the last point, you need to explain that your feet can't step on the floor. The muscles such as the big muscles and the thin muscles will always be in a state of tension. Here, a few muscles are the softest muscle groups of the human body, so it is easy to cause discomfort. The feeling that it will not sit on the bar chair for too long. But there is another thing that needs our attention. The person sitting on the bar chair from a distance will have a very elegant feeling.

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