Bat Cabin 728 Chair

In 1907, the Vienna Industrial Union completed another ambition - the bat karaoke at 22 Keltner Street in Vienna. This project is not only for interior decoration, but also includes the design of furniture, tableware and even service badges. At that time, many outstanding figures participated in this project, such as Gustav Klimt, Oskar kokoschka, and of course the soul of the Industrial Alliance - Joseph Hoffman. .

Hoffman's most outstanding contribution to this project is undoubtedly the sleek 728 chair. These chairs are placed around the same small round table that Hoffman designed. The unconventional design style perfectly complements the gorgeous youthful styles of the other parts of the karaoke, such as Bertold Loffler and Michael polwony. ) A dazzling floor inlaid with 7000 pieces of Italian majolica tiles.

One of the critics at the time once praised the overall effect of the bat karaoke in a passionate language: "(It) is too perfect - harmonious proportional relationship, harmonious light atmosphere, cheerful and smooth lines, elegant lighting, comfortable and novel The chairs, and the final result of their combination. Hoffman is a genius!"

Below: Joseph Hoffman's simple and bright chair is decorated in a beautifully decorated interior.


Bottom: The minimalist structure of the 728 Cabin Cabin is completely modern. Only the small black balls under the armrests and the seat surface gave it a touch of humor.