Bathroom Cabinet Clean Common Sense

1. when the bathroom cabinet is just bought, we must be careful in handling. The pottery basin is also fragile. When it is gently lifted, it can not be hard to pull. When the bathroom cabinet is placed, the floor should also be leveled. If it's the floor cabinet, the mat should be leveled.

2. can not put the bathroom cabinet in the sun under the sun, the best place to put in a place that can be ventilated, and can not be put in a very dry place.

3. if you smoke in the bathroom and paint the paint, you can take a toothpick and wrap it up with a layer of cloth, slowly wipe the burn marks, and you can get some thin vinegar to remove it.

4. if you get some white hot mark in the bathroom cabinet, you can try to use alcohol, toilet water, kerosene or get it on the cloth

5. if there is water stain, wet cloth, cover in the bathroom cabinet above, can use electric iron in a damp cloth, stain immediately disappear

6. if the paint on the bathroom cabinet is not scratched, and it doesn't hurt the cabinet, you can use the same color crayons or paint, apply it to the surface of the bathroom cabinet, and then apply some nail polish on it.

7. need to use the cloth from time to time to dust the bathroom cabinet, remember to spray some cleaners on the cloth.

8. also often wax, every 6 months or so, wax the bathroom cabinet

9. the daily cleaning of the bathroom cabinet is very simple. The ceramic pot can be cleaned with clean water, cleaning agent, soapy water and so on.

10. if the ceramic bathroom cabinet basin scratches, can be coated with some toothpaste, and then wipe cloth repeatedly, then wax, can make the bathroom cabinet to restore the original look.

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