Choice Of Office Chair

First of all, before you buy an office chair, you have to think about your company's procurement in a few years, which means that you buy a chair, you want to use safe and worry for a few years, this is very important, It is directly linked to your budget.

Simply put, if you buy an office chair and only want to use it for one year, then 150 yuan / piece, this standard is enough; but if you want to buy an office chair, ready to use 3-5 years, then the standard is probably It should be 350-550 yuan / piece; if you want to buy a batch of office chairs, there must be no problem within 5 years, then you should find a professional furniture company to help, this type of company has the most basic screening ability of the product. And the service is thoughtful, even if there is a problem, it will help us solve it soon.AF-Seating-OEM-custom-gaming-racing-office (3)

The 150-yuan chair does not care about the place of origin. The quality of each place and brand is similar. Even if there is a difference, it is nothing more than the details. There will be no big advantages or disadvantages in the materials. When actually purchasing, you should actually sit on the chair and feel that the chair of this price is different in terms of the size, which brings the comfort is different. This is worth considering. of. But for the functionality of the chair, there is no need to consider it, and it satisfies the need for the most basic "sit".

If you want to purchase the office chair of this grade of 350-550 yuan, you can refer to more aspects:

      1. The materials and office chairs are usually plastic frames. Then we must require the chairs provided by the merchants to be made of new materials. The frame of the chair has a delicate texture, pure color, no impurities, and there is no strange smell when it is heard. taste.

      2. Mesh, office chair backrest and seat cushion at this price are usually made with domestically used mesh cloth. There is basically no big difference. Individual brand chairs will promote the use of tarpaulin. This kind of cloth is indeed there. However, in actual use, it is not useful. When choosing a chair and looking at its mesh, you can choose a mesh with better elasticity, especially for the back part. If the mesh of this part is good enough, it will make us more comfortable in use and greatly relieve the waist. fatigue.

      3. Function, the office chair at this price can require some basic functions, such as tilt lock, headrest, these two functions can make you have a more comfortable angle during lunch break;

      4. It is not recommended to buy leather office chairs, the leather surface is easy to scratch, it is not convenient to maintain. In addition, the gas permeability is not good, and the use of bad quality will gradually appear after 2 years of use.Red-Mesh-reclining-breathable-cushion-mesh-chair

In addition, an office chair is required for the study in the home. It is recommended that you choose a full mesh 2000-3500 chair for this chair. The functions of this price chair will be: lifting of the height of the chair, lifting of the armrest, moving back and forth, moving left and right, sliding back and forth of the seat cushion, adjustment of the headrest, adjustment of the lumbar support, tilting, locking, ergonomic considerations It will be more reasonable. The whole mesh is because the breathability is very good.