Computer Chair

There are usually the following categories:

1) Work chair: Suitable for workplaces such as production workshops, chairs, and the composition is simple.

2) Student chair: suitable for schools and conference venues. The composition of the same chair is simple.

3) Computer chair: It is widely used in office environment, with small chair and less space.

4) Medium-sized chair: The chair is large in size and occupied a large part. The usual users are people in the management class.

5) Executive chair: also known as the boss chair, the appearance of the atmosphere.

6) Conference chair: The appearance is novel and fashionable, and the comfort of the chair is not the first element of the designer.

7) Chess chair: simple, convenient and comfortable is the first element.


There are usually the following categories:

1) Paralyzed chair: There are many work chairs, staff chairs and medium-sized chairs.

2) Mesh chair: In the early years, the medium-sized chair, the conference chair and the front chair are used more. The chair of this kind of fabric has strong breathability and is relatively suitable for sedentary. It has been widely used in the staff chair.

3) Leather chair: The executive chair is the most used. Leather: leather, imitation leather.

4) Anti-static chair: The surface of the chair is anti-static, or anti-static accessories and fabrics.

5) Elastic chair: The chair is made of natural rubber band, which is relatively breathable and heat-dissipating. The comfort is also very high. The material has antibacterial and anti-mite effect.


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