Consumer Survey: 2016 Most Consumers Recognized Ten Wardrobe Brand

1, Sophia wardrobe

Sophia's closet was founded in 2003, specializing in custom closet and supporting the development, production and sale of custom furniture. Sophia brand and France SOGAL closet has deep roots in 2011, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is China's first wardrobe companies listed. Sofia invited Shu Qi as a spokesman for many years, with a strong marketing ability wardrobe occupied the largest market share. Consumers to brands, styles and good impressions.

2, European wardrobe

European furniture group company limited was founded in 1994, early 90 's, the first European "kitchen" concept was introduced into China and Chinese industrial production of modern kitchen cabinets first. With in the field of Cabinet advantage, Europe quickly cut into the closet, and soon gained consumer recognition.

3, Hollywood wardrobe

Hollywood guest closet located to make "a whole wardrobe leader" is now closely watched closet companies already on the market. Hollywood Prime "original life": a natural, simple, healthy lifestyle. On environmental protection and on the basis of design sense, Hollywood's products are popular with consumers.

4, Wrigley's wardrobe

Wrigley's wardrobe, "ARROW" belongs to Foshan ROWA group, founded in 1994, is its custom furniture brands, advocating "Customize taste" as the brand concept, to provide consumers with a healthy, environmentally friendly products. 2014 Wrigley wardrobe agency international superstar Lang Lang as their representative, its products popular in high-end markets, consumer impressions for fine workmanship, good quality products and service good.