Cute Pink Esports Chair To Enhance Female Players' Combat Effectiveness

Today, esports games are no longer limited to male players in dead houses and technical homes. More and more girls of the value and strength of the girls began to enter the industry, we have seen a lot of game anchors and well-known e-sports players appeared in the cute girl. At present, most of the traditional esports chairs have a masculine appearance, which is difficult to enter the female eyes.

However, with the increasing number of female players, these user groups have begun to be valued by game peripheral manufacturers. The esports chair manufacturer has launched a pink esports chair that focuses on female players.

Pink Gaming Chair

To ask what most women love the most color, there is almost no suspense answer - pink. Whether it is Hello Kitty or Melody, the pink appearance is the main product of female users. This e-sports chair is also the same. The color matching between pink and gray should make many girls feel excited and eager to try.

Pink Gaming Chair

Pink is not only reflected in the upper part of the esports chair, but also in the chassis and rollers. Compared with the red and white in the upper part, the color of the chassis and the roller is red and black. In terms of viewing, it still complements each other perfectly.The seat cushion uses a high-density styling sponge. The high-density sponge reduces the pressure on the buttocks and does not feel tired when sitting for a long time. The armrests on both sides can be flexibly adjusted up, down, left and right. The surface of the armrest is designed with a concave arc and wrapped in a soft flannel. It can provide stable support to the elbows of both hands, avoiding the user's numbness caused by the long suspension of the arm during the game.

Pink Gaming Chair

The ability to recline into a reclining chair has also been inherited in this esports chair. It can achieve a maximum 155° reclining, and it is very convenient to switch between the recliner and the seat simply by adjusting the right lever.

Do female players have a heart for this high-value and powerful esports chair? Add a pink e-sports chair to your pink cottage.