E-sports Hall Promotes The Development Of E-sports

The Internet cafe industry belongs to the tertiary industry that the state advocates for vigorous development, and the promotion of regional development is more significant than that of traditional industries. It is conducive to the transformation of economic growth from extensive to intensive. Traditional Internet cafes are currently suffering from general operations. Most of them are seeking transformation and upgrading. The Internet cafes and e-sports halls have become a new development direction.

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In response to the pain points of the Internet cafe industry and the e-sports industry, the emergence of the e-sports hall has brought new hopes to both. All e-sports equipment in the E-sports Hall is set according to the international competition specifications, including high-definition large-screen e-sports display, professional mouse and keyboard, gaming headset, fever host, professional e-sports chair, etc. In order to allow e-sports enthusiasts to gain a world-class gaming experience during their daily training. At the same time, the E-sports Pavilion draws on the latest trends in major e-sports events and overseas high-end e-sports centers. With a stylish and unique space design and decoration scheme, it has a high degree of modularity, and has certain flexibility and flexibility to create the most professional e-sports atmosphere.

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In addition, in recent years, more and more professional players have been forced to retire for health reasons, so how to ensure the health of e-sports players has become an industry problem. For e-sports players, the chair is the longest contact time per day, no one. Even longer than the keyboard and mouse. Therefore, the pros and cons of a chair will directly affect the health of the user. And because of this, more professional e-sports chairs are increasingly popular with players. Our e-sports chair products are healthy, and their humanized design is well received by consumers. The professional back support system is designed with double-sided curved wings completely wrapped around the back and no pressure on the spine. The entire system is very effective in protecting the back of the human body, and even if it is played for a long time, it will not feel tired.

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