Ergonomic Chair

The ergonomic chair is generous, unique, stylish and lightweight. It is a new type of environmentally friendly health chair that is widely used in modern homes, entertainment, Internet cafes, hotels, leisure, conference rooms and office computer desks. The design principle releases natural, humanity adjustment, suitable for a variety of body shape adjustment; the material is mainly used environmentally friendly materials.

Ergonomics mainly uses mesh cloth (component: DuPont yarn + polyester fiber), environmental protection cloth + high-quality memory cotton and other elastic and environmentally friendly materials to make cushions and seat backs. In the process design, it is very suitable for the development of new furniture trends in the future. It has good ventilation and heat dissipation characteristics, and is comfortable and healthy, which can prevent the growth environment of bacteria in the chair during use. It can reduce the compression area of the buttocks, press the points at the force points, promote blood circulation in the hips, avoid strain on the neck and shoulders, and maintain your healthy body.

Ergonomics mainly regulates fatigue from the following aspects:

1. Head: The height and rotation of the headrest can be adjusted, which allows the user to naturally fit the headrest of the cervical vertebra, standardize the sitting posture of the rider, and enjoy the office. The best position is when the height of the headrest fully supports your cervical vertebrae.

2, seat back: the best support position of the waist is the third and fourth vertebrae, the entire seat back can be height-adjusted, easy and simple to meet the needs of different users, to reduce the majority of the human body weight of the lumbar vertebrae.

3, lumbar support: Separate movable lumbar support, resilience concentrated on the active lumbar support, giving the user the most close support. The active lumbar support adjusts the curvature so that the entire lower back relaxes comfortably to the lower back, allowing the back spine to relax, thereby relieving the fatigue of the back spine.

4. Handrail: Adjust the height and angle of the handrail to make the transition between the hand and the table smoother to prevent the mouse hand from being generated.

Angle free adjustment, stepless and stepless locking, curved back design, bow frame strength and elastic treatment, handrail curved streamline processing, etc.

Ergonomic chair sitting posture tutorial:

Common ergonomic chair

1. The correct height of the seat cushion should be adjusted to the height of the seat cushion so that your feet can be placed on the ground, and the bending angle of the thigh is 90°.

2, the correct depth of the seat cushion should sit your hips in the innermost seat cushion, and adjust the depth of the seat cushion so that the seat cushion can effectively support the thigh area more than 2/3, and the bending angle of the thigh and the lower leg is 90°.

3. The correct height of the armrest should be adjusted to 90° between the arm and the elbow. At this time, the arm naturally hangs down, and no shoulder feels correct. Long-term armes with unsupported or poor support can cause shoulder pain or periarthritis of the shoulders, and have a serious impact on health.

4, the correct back pad angle should be attached to the back pad completely, so that the back spine can be relaxed, and effectively relieve the fatigue of the back spine, prevent chest pain.

5. The correct waist height should be adjusted to the position of the third, fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae, because when the human body is in a sitting position, except for the legs and hips, the weight of the whole person is borne by the lumbar vertebrae. Therefore, correct adjustment of the waist height can help prevent tendon or sarcolemma, disc herniation, spinal decline, psoas sprain, degenerative spondylitis, sciatica.

6. When the seat cushion depth is adjusted, the seat cushion should be slid out due to the strength of the buttocks. At this time, the back rests on a fixed back cushion, so that the force is emitted from the buttocks. If the back cushion is not locked, the back will be made. Losing the power of relying on it, causing the buttocks to be unable to force, and the seat cushion is not smooth.

7, the correct arm pad angle should be able to give your hand or elbow joint moderate support anytime, anywhere, the hand or elbow joint has no moderate support for a long time, easy to cause wrist and sacral syndrome and elbow joint syndrome, of course, with the cervical spine Protection also has a certain relationship.

8. The correct height of the headrest should be adjusted to the third to seventh sections of the cervical spine, so that the cervical spine can be properly supported, effectively relieve the fatigue of the cervical spine and prevent the spur or chronic spine from degenerating.

9, the correct back pad back tension adjustment, should be based on the weight of the back to relax, to adjust the size of the backrest elastic, if the elastic force is greater than the back weight, it will be difficult to back or back is not easy to cause discomfort If the elastic force is less than the weight of the back, it will produce a feeling of insufficient support or inadvertently leaning back and causing insecurity.

function test

Push back test

The push-back test is to apply a certain force to the back of the chair back by pushing the back tester, and the chair is tilted backwards to produce a squeeze. Its purpose is mainly to test the ability of the various parts of the chair to withstand extrusion.

Push back test can be divided into two types according to the force applied: functional test and destructive test.

The function test test force is 91kg, and the duration is 1 minute. If the parts of the chair are deformed, damaged or broken after the test, the test will not pass.

The destructive test force is 136kg and the duration is 1 minute. If the parts of the chair are severely deformed, damaged or broken after the test, the test will not pass.

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