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How to choose a good cabinet

Kitchen cabinets can not figure, but how to choose a high quality cabinets but need some expertise to help. In general, the selection of cabinets should start from several aspects: first, to see if the plate plate processing, equipment is not qualified or excellent can appear edge phenomenon, appear very quickly in the future will be the use of glue phenomenon. Second, look at the edge. Plate end to edge treatment. Professional factory mechanical seal. General workshop small factory manual edge treatment is rough. Again, check the drawer, door and other hardware components, switch to be flexible, no noise, no collision or self closing function. Design and manufacture of professional manufacturers cabinets, cabinets should be connected between the roller coaster, the overall good firmness. The bottom of the cabinet is provided with a horizontal adjusting foot which can adjust the levelness of the cabinet body and has the waterproof function. Should be set as a whole mobile baseboard, convenient cleaning cabinet bottom. In addition, the door with a damper to eliminate the noise, a draining board cabinet basin below the reservoir ditch, Taiwan before and after the lek ditch, will have a decisive role in the product service life. In the purchase process, we should also pay attention to adjust the feet, the combination of the use of foot board, which is also very important.

The use of solid wood cabinet door panels, style is mostly classical, usually higher price. Its door frame is solid wood, with cherry wood color, walnut color, oak color. The core of the door is a medium density board, which is made of solid wood skin, and is made in the surface of the solid wood to form a concave convex shape, and the exterior paint is painted, so as to keep the log color and beautiful shape. This can ensure the special visual effects of wood, the combination of the frame and the core plate can ensure the strength of the door plate.

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