How To Arrange The Layout Of Living Room Furniture

How to arrange the layout of living room furniture?

Learn to add and subtract, small living room can also make full use of space

Small Huxing more and more popular, many living rooms narrow and slender, the master is often at a loss, and the living room for irregular shapes, increasing the difficulty of decoration. In the face of such a living room, the master should learn to add and subtract, make full use of the small living room. [1]

Multiple functions: the living room furniture is mostly the tea table, the television cabinet and the half enclosed sofa. In fact, you can add and subtract functions to make the space multidimensional. Some families don't often watch TV, the TV in the bedroom, the living room is not only arranged a meeting space; a guest family often can use word shaped sofa or a tatami, save a lot of space; eating at home is not much time, can be used as a table table; the hall without TV, can make a small reading room.

Flowing space: small living room space, the living room and other space between the break down, to reduce the sense of cramped, so that the space more smoothly. For example, open kitchen, living room and kitchen nature, to the island for the community, can also be used as a dining area; can also be between the living room and bedroom wall destroyed, partition screen, curtain, increase from visual space.

The living room is irregular: you can use the "unconventional" layout. Such as television on the corner of the room, so that space layout more interesting; sofa does not rely on the wall, as the living room and dining room partition, the space more smart.

Small furniture: small living room, furniture used to meet the small size, accommodate the high demand. For example, it is best to use the TV cabinet with narrow furniture, even without the use of a bench, instead, more personality; table small living room can be used, or collocation small round table with a small tea table, not only to meet the demand, also keep the space appearance. In addition, the small living room does not need lights too bright dome light, multi-point light source, more small space warm.

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