How To Choose The Right Office Chair

About one-third of a person's life is spent on a chair, and the time spent sitting in front of the computer may be half, and the IT industry has a higher proportion. This will cause various discomforts in the human body, and it will bring damage related to "sitting" to the waist and spine, so it is necessary to choose a good computer chair. Nowadays, the computer chairs on the market are full of excitement. This is indeed a difficult problem for those who choose difficult diseases. It is necessary to choose a computer chair that is good for you.


The easiest way for a novice to judge whether a chair is good or bad is to see whether the armrest of the chair is attached to the back of the chair or the seat cushion. The armrest is connected to the chair on the back of the chair. When leaning back, the armrest can be backed by the person. Keep the same angle and get comfortable arm support.


The structure of the armrest may not be as important in terms of comfort, but it is the easiest way to test whether a chair is good or bad, because this simple design is enough to show the attitude of the chair manufacturer. 

2. Lumbar support

When it comes to the comfort of a chair, one of the most important is the lumbar support. The older the age, the longer the sitting time is more sensitive to this. When I was young, I felt that I didn’t care about the chair. The wooden bench without the backrest can be used for a long time. But the waist for a long time has begun to fail.

The waist support looks simple, but the waist of a good chair can give you the most real feeling. Of course, the most authentic way to test is to do it yourself, regardless of the posture, whether the back of the chair can completely wrap the north.

3. Back angle of the seat back

Different people have different weights, and the required angle of back tilt is actually different. The tilt angle of an ordinary chair is fixed, which leads to people who are light weight can not rely on, and the heavy weight is suddenly at the bottom, not only does not have a sense of support, but also easy to sit and turn over.

4. Cushion

The cushion is the top priority of a chair. We spend most of our time sitting on it, so the cushion of the chair is especially important. Now it is a common sponge on the market, but consumers don’t know themselves. Under the ass, what kind of sponge is on the other, and the other is the mesh. Senzhiguang's natural rubber webbing is non-toxic, harmless, breathable and comfortable. It is really tangible and tangible. And the support is very good, but also has the effect of passive massage to promote blood circulation. And there is an extra-thick explosion-proof steel plate under the chair.