How To Judge A Office Chair Is Good Or Bad?

  1. The choice of office chair, the focus is on safety, the gas pressure bar is the most important, because if the use of irregular gas pressure bar is more dangerous, the gas pressure bar is filled with nitrogen, the structure damage will be dangerous. The choice of gas pressure bar is difficult for consumers to judge. Just remember that the two-point gas pressure bar is not certified by BIFMA.

    BIFMA certification Comprehensive inspection of shape, structure, mechanics, durability, safety and other aspects. Therefore, when choosing a computer chair, try to purchase products that are BIFMA-certified. 

    Most of the domestically produced office furniture cannot pass the BIFMA test. The office chair is an assembly product. The choice is that other aspects can be ignored. The pressure bar must choose a big brand.

    The pressure bars used in many domestic chairs are imported. As long as this pass can be done, the other is to look at your consumption level. Metals and plastics should be known for their good or bad.

  2. It is the comfort of the seat, which can make you work at work, change the office posture, and ensure your health. This can be experienced by sitting and feeling.

    There is nothing wrong with grasping the choice of these two chairs.