In 2016, The 6th China (Guangzhou) Custom Home Exhibition Will Be Held In Grand

In recent years custom home development increasingly hot, from custom wardrobe products gradually to custom home, and overall wardrobe direction change, custom type of home was everyone as "furniture industry last a barrels gold", everyone have to to custom home near, is currently most new, and most has potential investment of industry, prompted has building materials industry development Kaleidoscope, type increasingly more, function increasingly strong, design style increasingly personalized, for is because meet mass consumers needs, so custom home development space is big. As one of the first cities of Guangzhou, congenital superior geographical environment, broke the first custom home industry businesses here, witness of time and where China top ten brand wardrobe manufacturers, through constant upgrade of industrialization, undertaken by a closet industry association, Guangdong and many units organized jointly with comprehensive, representative of custom home exhibition will be held Grand.

Far from th China Guangzhou Guangzhou custom home has more than 10 days of the exhibition! This custom home exhibition from March 26 to March 28, the address is located in Xingang Dong Road, haizhu district, Guangzhou, 1000th (close to Metro Line 8 pazhou station exit c), surrounded by a beautiful environment, convenient! There along commercial Street, 5 custom home industry exhibition was held successfully on March 26, gathered here again large and small business branding and the range of high quality products and efficient service team. Custom home exhibition in China, Guangzhou has great influence, especially radiation in southern China, is one of a very important project, as the exhibition time step by step approaching, th China Guangzhou custom home exhibition will be held Grand, small collection exhibition Advisory to share with you below, please pay attention to below the content.