Internet Cafe Computer Chair

According to the records of the text, the name of the chair was first seen in the Tang Dynasty, and the image of the chair was traced back to the bed of the north when the Han and Wei Dynasties were introduced. Up to now, the types of chairs are also ever-changing, with office chairs, hotel chairs, computer chairs and so on.

The computer chair is a set of comfortable office equipment for computer workers, usually consisting of pulleys and swivel chair and armrests. Professionally used in computer work. However, the Internet cafe computer chair is used in special places. It is durable and comfortable. It does not need wheels and rotatable shafts. Nowadays, Internet cafes are popular with bows as shelves for chairs.

Many Internet cafe tables and chairs are equipped with 32mm and 2mm wall brackets. I heard that they can withstand 500KG, but now some leading factories are based on this kind of bow frame, according to the principle of China's most intelligent Zhaozhou Bridge ( Arched bridge), the arch frame is arched, and the force is surely multiplied. Let the internet cafe computer chair.

The earliest use of environmentally friendly leather is a kind of artificial leather that is easy to peel off; then it has developed into xipi, but the xipi is similar to the environmental skin. Nowadays, many factories have adopted car seat leather, and the durability is greatly improved. It can be said that it is really suitable for Internet cafes. This car seat has a higher density and a good scratch resistance.

The styles of the armrests are also varied, from practical PP joint armrests\pu armrests to durable PA plus fiberglass armrests.

Due to the increasingly fierce competition in office furniture, the international division of labor has become more and more detailed, and slowly derived a new furniture industry - Internet cafe furniture. Internet cafe furniture can be opened due to the Internet cafe computer chair, so it is more convenient to transport and sell after sale, and sell farther.

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