Is It Really Good To Use A Yoga Ball As An Office Chair For The Lumbar Spine?

How to design the kitchen bar? In the modern kitchen, the style of avant-garde, simple and clean bar is loved by many young people and is being introduced into the home improvement by more and more young office workers. The kitchen bar can be used not only as a wine storage room, as a condiment, as a console, but also as a small dining table. The bar has a variety of functions, and it can make the narrow kitchen more open. How do we design the best bar in the designer? Bar form bar type has wall-type, partition type, corner type, table type, embedded type, etc. The type should be determined according to the space plan of the room. If the kitchen is too small, you can choose the partition type, and then the kitchen and the restaurant are different. Separate, directly a bar, not only makes the kitchen space more open, it is convenient to operate. If the kitchen area is large, it is recommended to choose a table style, the bottom can not only store, too slow to put things, when the small table. The lighting design kitchen bar can be regarded as a relatively independent small space where you can have breakfast, coffee and read. Therefore, the lighting of the bar is also an important part. Depending on the function, you can use the bar's unpredictable lighting design style, such as colored light strips; you can also use warm color-based lighting effects, not only warm, but also brighter, such as small chandeliers of different sizes combination. The style of the design bar should be coordinated with the interior decoration style. In addition, the table top of the bar can be the same as the kitchen countertop. It is suitable for wear-resistant, high-hardness and easy-to-clean materials. Bar counters can be designed according to the use of the home. If you like to drink, you can design the bar cabinet as a small wine cabinet; you can also design it as a locker, as a special place for placing fruit bowls, wine glasses and other drinking utensils. cabinet. The choice of bar stool bar stool, first of all, the stool surface and the bar counter should be kept at a drop of about 0.25m. When the counter top is higher, the corresponding bar stool is also higher; secondly, the bar stool and the lower end of the bar should be provided with poles supporting the foot, such as steel pipes, stainless steel pipes or steps; the third higher The bar stool should be in the form of a backrest and it will feel more comfortable when sitting up.