Living Room Furniture Selection Skills And Layout

Living room furniture selection skills and layout

The living room is the most important decoration part of the whole house, and the choice of the living room decorative cabinet is very important! There are several essential furniture in the living room, such as sofa, tea table and TV cabinet.

Decorative cabinet

Choose a decorative living room effect and practical, concise decorative cabinets for the important, in fact, decorative cabinets are also a certain skill, the living room decorative cabinet purchase skills are mainly in the following aspects:

The 1. big figure is consistent features of the classical style TV cabinet, good design is able to accommodate the larger size of the TV, it is more suitable for display in the dark room.

2. color, material and furniture consistent cabinet, its design is more simple and convenient, just put it under the composite shelf, you can become a practical TV cabinet.

3. large capacity box style has a powerful storage function, at the same time, the TV cabinet can also be designed in accordance with the furniture style open grid frame, to further extend the storage space.

4., if you buy TV cabinets, usually in accordance with the existing home appliances have to choose TV cabinets, as far as possible the function of all appliances play out. If you have only one small TV set in your home, you don't have to buy a big TV cabinet or even an oversized stereo.

5., in terms of practicality, take the television for 40 inches, 50 inches, so the load capacity of TV cabinets is better, that is, decorative cabinets to be strong and practical.


1, the living room sofa can not appear odd number, the most taboo one half, or is a party hospital, two groups of sofa and use.

2, sofa decoration should also be such as advanced harbor, on both sides of the arm should be extended. If the sofa is a straight row, it is difficult to have as a warrior arm.

3, the living room Home Furnishing backer, is behind the sofa with the solid wall is reliable, improvement method is effective, the cabinet or screen placed behind the sofa, this is called "artificial backer", will also play a role in recovery.

4, the living room mirror is best not placed in the back of the sofa

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