Main Structure And Material Maintenance Method Of Office Chair

Main structure and material maintenance method of office chair

The general office chair structure mainly includes a seat back, a seat cushion, an armrest, a base, an air stick, a chair foot and a chair wheel. Due to the different structure, the materials used are different, so the method of maintenance and cleaning is also different.


  1. 1.Leather maintenance generally as long as the use of clean and soft cloth can be wiped gently, if the long-term production of dirt, the most ideal way to clean it is to use a mild detergent diluted with warm water first wipe, then wipe with a dry water wipe Go to the cleaning solution, and finally wipe it with a dry cloth. After it is completely dry, wipe it evenly with an appropriate amount of leather care agent.

  2. 2.The cloth is generally common maintenance method: If you get a drink, juice, etc., you can first use a paper towel to remove the water, then wipe with a warm water soluble neutral detergent, and then use a clean soft cloth to dry and Dry at low temperature. When it is stained with dry dirt such as dust and sand, just pat it off or use a vacuum cleaner to suck it. As for the granulated sand, use a brush to gently brush inward, but do not use a hard brush to avoid injury cloth.

  3. 3.Because the casters roll on the ground, the axles are easily stained with dander and fiber for a long time, so they need to be treated regularly, and the anti-static spray can be used to protect the chair wheel to ensure smooth sliding.

  4. 4.If the chassis is tilted, if there is abnormal sound, you can use WD-40 lubricating fluid to spray the axis joints and springs. Generally, the tilting adjustment can be adjusted to the tightness of your body shape. Do not be too loose and cause the risk of falling.

  5. 5.The maintenance of metal fittings is best to regularly scrub with tarpaulin and soft detergent, if rust spots should be repaired in time, and avoid using wet rag when wiping the surface.