Maintenance Of The Body Of The Bathroom Cabinet

1. It is suggested that you put the heavy objects in the cabinet. Plate activities type can be adjusted up and down, pay attention to whether the lamination in place. The cabinet fits within the light goods, such as shampoo, shower gel, dry towel. Paper towels and other light items.

2, wall mounted bathroom cabinets and cabinet mounted wall is load-bearing wall. In the design of the designer, if the installation conditions are not found, the customer needs to strengthen the wall properly according to the designer's requirements.

3, keep the cabinet open for 15 days before the bathroom cabinet is used ~20 days, and properly ventilated to eliminate the residual odor.

4. The structure of one tenon and eccentricity of the cabinet, please do not refit and disassemble itself.

5. Do not use sharp objects to scrape and grind and collide the surface of the cabinet.

6, do not pry up the surface metal decoration materials, do not use steel ball and other sharp materials to clean metal objects surface, do not use corrosive liquids to clean metal objects surface.

7, do not pull the strip cutting edge of the cabinet, so as to ensure dust proof, anti cockroach effect, singing life bathroom cabinet.

8, the bathroom cabinet should be avoided direct sunlight for a long time, in order to avoid the local color difference.

9, stable placement of items heavier items should be placed in the bathroom cabinet base cabinet bottom; cabinet is not easy to place heavy items, so as to avoid the top and bottom of the stress and deformation, and ensure the safety of the process to take items.

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