Modernization Of Office Furniture

With the continuous advancement of the city and the continuous establishment of new enterprises, the modern office model has begun to rise in many offices, and some traditional enterprises and old-style offices have begun to introduce new jobs into the modern office, modern office furniture customization. Has become the hot spot of current corporate procurement.

So what are the characteristics of modern office furniture?

1. Modern office furniture is intelligent

With the development of science and technology, the intelligent development of office furniture has become more and more popular. The addition of an intelligent system to office furniture is a typical example of a modern office. It reduces the expenditure on human movements, shortens the timeliness of function use, and provides more convenient functions. Smarter is one of the characteristics of modern office furniture. The intelligence of office furniture is that furniture designers make full use of existing science and technology and apply them reasonably to the design of office furniture. In addition to the traditional height can be freely adjusted, video conferencing table lifting system and other functions, intelligent also in the design of the chair, the seat can be raised and lowered, lumbar support, armrests can be adjusted front and rear, up and down, left and right to support different lumbar height And elbow operation height. At the same time, it has a memory function, which can automatically adjust each support point according to the user's sitting posture.

2. Modern office furniture multi-functional

The rent of office buildings is also getting higher and higher. Making full use of office space is the requirement of every owner. Modern office requires multiple office forms, and multi-functional office furniture is becoming a trend; for example, there is a movable board with a tablet abroad. The seats can fully satisfy the functions of office, meeting, study and discussion; while the desks also adopt a combinable way, when they need to work quietly, they work separately; when they need to discuss, everyone gathers and needs a meeting. At the time, everyone sat around. Modern office furniture requires practical priority and reasonable use. More and more designers and manufacturers design office furniture to develop more practically, but furniture can guarantee the beauty and style of the furniture. Rationality is still in the first place.

3. Modern office furniture humanization

With the advancement of the times, office furniture is no longer a cold and ice-free office equipment, office furniture can also be designed with personality and artistic atmosphere. Stylized office furniture is changing the stereotype of a single color and fixed layout of office space, so that more professionals can seek more freedom and inspiration in a personalized office environment. Humanization is also expressed as a concern for health, attention to environmental protection, the use of lower carbon, more environmentally friendly, recyclable materials to make office furniture, is the basic requirements of the future; and ergonomic office furniture design, but also The basic development of office furniture design. For example, the style of modern office furniture is very diverse, not only the conventional bright and straight line furniture, but also the curved, round, oval and other new design. These curves separate the space reasonably inadvertently, and also fit the human body structure and curves. Another example is that modern office furniture is rich in color, bright red, fresh grass green, bright yellow, bright purple and other bright colors have come one after another, and has become the protagonist of today and the next few years, many designers have chosen a gorgeous The color is used as the main color of office furniture to create a complete set of office furniture products, and different materials are used to express different design concepts to convey people's pursuit of art.