Netizen: Proud Wind Race Chair, Pigs Are Not Collapsed

Wei Shen can dance on it! Netizen: proud wind esports chair, pigs are not collapsed

Not long ago, after a long-lost chicken, Wei Shen jumped a little dance excitedly, bouncing his mountain-like body, staged a wave of smashing seat, and thrilled the audience.

race chair.gif


Among them, the eye-dropped netizens found a problem: Wei Shen claims that the weight team of more than 200 kilograms is responsible, so proudly, the proud wind esports chair can still be "stable as an old dog."

Behind this, what kind of effort did the proud esports chair have to support the dance of Wei Shen?

The wheel is more than just a scroll wheel.

You may be curious, under the tremendous pressure of such an instant, the wheels have never been collapsed, nor have they fallen apart? In fact, the proud wheel is never a simple scroll wheel, internal multi-layer architecture, external soft PU package, 100,000 rolling tests. Quality is proud and horrible.



Five claws, all the way to the end.

In the above-mentioned pressure, under the pressure of the heart, the five claws did not break and deform, and the safety is still more to say! The proud wind and five claws are all over 1 ton (internal test data), which can meet the needs of all users.

In addition to thickening the steel five-jaw, inside the nylon five-claw, the proud wind also specially optimized the mesh structure. Compared with the five claws that use a small amount of materials at a glance, you can't guarantee that there will be any accidents.


Pneumatic rod, bid farewell to "explosive chrysanthemum".

The general miscellaneous gas pressure bar cannot withstand such "torture", and it is very likely that an accident will occur. And most of the miscellaneous gas pressure rods did not participate in international certification standards at all. Who would dare to lie on it? As for the proud air pressure rod, all the international level 4 certification standards are adopted. Is it safe? Wei Shen has already told you about it.

race chair.jpg

Do not fall into the "brand" cushion.

Cushion, many people will have doubts, after such a heavy pressure, will the cushion collapse and become a deep pit? Of course not. After all, Wei Shen's buttocks are a whole piece of original high-density sponge with a density of 53kg/m2, which is more than twice the domestic standard. Don't say that sitting everyday, no matter how bad it will not collapse.

Moreover, proud wind is the only one in China, which uses Oxford cloth + Velcro to pack and prints the brand LOGO's gaming chair manufacturer on the sponge (the tearing of the Velcro at the bottom of the seat cushion can really feel the feel of high quality sponge) .



With materials, we are serious!

It can be imagined that in the moment when Wei Shen was seated, the e-sports chair must have suffered a whole shock. Under such a heavyweight impact, the esports chair is still "stable as an old dog", naturally without the help of a steel frame.

The back and cushions of the proud e-sports chair are made of a steel frame with a wide width, and the welding is always used in the joints. Some netizens once described the proud esports chair that was just started. It is very heavy, and it is the best embodiment of the proud steel and large comfortable sponge.

In summary, proud wind is uniquely optimized in all parts of the product, ensuring that even if it is Wei Shen, no matter how safe it is, there is no problem. Moreover, the company owned by the company has more than 10 years of experience in ergonomic computer chairs and is equipped with a dedicated research and development team.

In product R&D design, Hundred insists on constantly modifying and adjusting products according to the training intensity of professional players such as Weishen and UZI, and this dare to advertise as a professional e-sports chair brand.

One minute on the stage, ten years of work. Proudly will continue to accompany many professional players and e-sports users, bringing more e-sports fun to players.