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Business and industry are advancing by leaps and bounds, and office efficiency has become the key to success. Office workers must sit in office chairs for nearly eight or nine hours a day. A poorly designed office chair can not only be the work of the staff, but also improve the efficiency and fatigue, which can cause back pain or intervertebral disk damage.

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When sitting in a chair to handle computer input, typing, or other work on the desk, workers are easily restrained in a fixed position. When the worker maintains a certain posture, it causes tension and load on the spine and back muscles, resulting in low back pain or vertebrae. Interboard damage. These examples have become clear through reports from national plastic surgeons. According to the report of the Swiss labor physiologist Pr. Etienne Grandjean, the fixed static posture will cause tension and contraction of the muscle part, and will hinder the circulation of blood, which is the cause of fatigue.

Then, most people do not pay relative attention to the importance of the chair. For a long time, due to the negligence of this fact, people's health is greatly threatened.

For many years, chairs have always been a symbol of power and status, not to assist in the execution of work. The design of the chair has been stuck in the design stage, and almost does not take into account the nature of the "sitting" and the activities of the rider. It was not until the modern medical and environmental studies led to the development of ergonomics that people began to pay attention to the correct sitting posture. Ergonomic research has made a major breakthrough in the development of chairs, and has enabled the world to understand the physiological effects of different postures.

Before the Industrial Rolution, “work” and “physical activity” were almost considered synonymous, and the chair at the time was completely for rest. Later, people's work style gradually evolved from labor to work, and sitting in work became a natural working posture. In this era of work efficiency, the problem of "sitting" becomes more and more important.

Poor chair, in addition to limiting our movements, affecting the execution of the work, is even more harmful to our health. Nowadays, many people are deeply aware of the importance of the chair because of the improper selection of the chair and the long sitting on the bad chair.

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