Office Chairs Are Diversified!

The success of a chair depends not only on the quality of the manufacturing, but also on whether it can meet the physiological and spiritual needs of the person. At the practical design level, the most important aspect of an office chair is the design of the best posture. Chairs of different shapes and different scales support people's various sitting postures. At different times and in different occasions, whether it is dining, office, reading, rest and waiting, each sitting posture can reflect the physical condition and spirit of the person. status. It also reflects social significance and customs, and a good office chair even includes mandatory correction for bad sitting posture.

 Office chairs must be designed to meet the diverse needs of people

When people sit on a chair, the weight of the head and torso presses the spine, pelvis and arms. As the sitting time prolongs, stress can make people feel uncomfortable.

Thus, the user constantly changes the sitting posture. The results of the study show that the frequency of this transformation is 10 minutes to 15 minutes. This gives the chair a designIt raises the question of how to make people sit more comfortable and safer.

In most cases, the chair must help support the weight of the human body sitting in the seat height, and the relationship between the bending angle of the legs and the contact with the ground.

The design of the office chair should enable the chair to support the sitting posture of the human body, minimize the psychological pressure of the person, and make it more comfortable and comfortable to sit on the chair.

Especially in the design and manufacture of office seats, not only to ensure the static function of the person while sitting, but also to solve the problem of sitting in the office chair.

The freely moving motion function within a certain range enables the person to maintain the correct posture even when the chair is in motion.

In addition to the technical considerations of the sitting posture and the physiological functions of the human body, the design of the office chair must satisfy the special needs of the user in the spiritual level of knowledge, emotion, aesthetics and literature. In addition, consider the basic relationship between it and manufacturing, process, and structure. The design of a chair is not only

It's as simple as making a practical seat, and it also includes the in-art manufacturer, who must combine the design of the chair with the needs of the person.