Office Furniture Messes With Personality

Pursuing individuality has always been the effect that modern young people want, especially after more and more 80s and 90s, the boss's ingenuity can be displayed in the office.

    1, mashup does not mean messing up

The “mix and match” decorative style is a special form of expression. It can get rid of dullness and highlight the key points, which is in line with the attitude of people who pursue individuality and casual life. It should be emphasized that “mix and match” is not a versatile, it is not artificially creating a “four unlike”, but to achieve the effect of 1+1>2. Therefore, the style design can handle the matching and coordination of two or more different style works in the same space, so as to achieve the purpose of “mix and match”.

2, the artistic combination of comfort and random personality

Since the mashup style has been recognized by people, its feeling of relaxation, casualness and individuality has been loved by many white-collar workers. Office home accessories also add a lot of emotional and personalized elements to the design. If you choose a European style, you may be able to make the office more fashionable, colorful, and personalized by simply adding a few pieces of Chinese jewelry. This is a new phenomenon of office decoration - mixed and matched. The use of mash-up style jewelry is often more representative of the leisure of office furniture than the unified decoration method, and it will also make the home style a unique and extraordinary color.

3, the unification of the shape and the scattered

The mashup style emphasizes "discrete and not scattered". On the surface, various styles exist in the same space. The messy style is full of vision. It may be in a design with both classical aestheticism and modernity. The intellectual beauty, even surrounded by a unique cultural atmosphere, a Chinese calligraphy and painting, a painting by Matthews, or a bookcase, but in fact all the aggregation is only to create a theme style for the office furniture environment.

4, harmonious reunification is the first

In the "mix and match" style office, you can have European-style office furniture, office chairs, lounge chairs, or Chinese-style accessories. You can experience the nostalgic feeling in the office, and you can find leisure in the toilet or balcony. Easy elements. But no matter how inclusive, it is not a hard-and-match, but a harmonious unity, and a hundred flowers bloom together. Therefore, the focus of the mashup design is to form a unified style, meticulous to every corner, including the use of an ornament must be original, including the reference to mature decorative style, including an accurate understanding of office furniture, this is a The process of upgrading and sublimation.

    A good office environment makes many office workers take the office atmosphere as their home, and they have a sense of belonging. They will have a better embodiment in their work.