Office Mix: Table Plus Chair

What are the characteristics of our office furniture/chair compared to other people?

Technology, intelligence, green: Technology and intelligence are no longer miracles and myths, while green is the right material. We make full use of technology and intelligence combined with advanced steel and high-grade wood to create a new furniture concept. It is not only office equipment, but also a good helper to make your work more comfortable.

Ergonomic chair, high humanity: fully adapt to each individual's bone shape, so that you can not sit for a few hours of cervical vertebrae, affecting work efficiency, and even illness. Our furniture takes into account the office characteristics of the professionals and makes corresponding investigations to give users a better experience.

Tables and chairs are highly variable: many desks and chairs are not matched, and some cannot be flexibly exchanged. Considering the reasons for workplace work, our tables and chairs can be combined and matched at will. Moreover, the seat can be rotated at any angle, and it can be laid flat and flat for a comfortable lunch break.