When keep on moving in the wild for a long time, sometimes, you also want to slow down and enjoy the current scenery and good times. When you can sit down and take a long break, maybe you will want to have a sofa, but it is thinking too much when you think to find a sofa in the wild.

However, it is not impossible to think about it, today, we recommend this seat to everyone. Although it is not as good as the sofa in your living room, the comfort of sitting on make it called the outdoor version of the "lazy sofa", the recommended reasons are as below,

1. Comfort: give everyone the best features of this seat: comfortable!

Although it can't satisfy Ge You's lying, if you sit down, you will still be unable to extricate yourself. Especially for people with small size, there is a feeling of sitting in a lazy sofa. Please think about it, in the wild, you can "snap" in the chair to watch the sunset in the evening wind, what a pleasure.

2. Good material

Thickened fixed feet, 600D cationic cloth, bold aluminum legs, exquisite aluminum links, duck anti-slip rubber sleeves, these seats are different from other ordinary seats.

3. Special Design

In addition to comfort and good quality, this seat adds two intimate designs to the details:

A. A storage bag for mobile phones and cups has been added to the side of the chair.

B. The storage bag can also be hung on the horizontal bar in the middle of the leg to avoid accidental or missing.