Seat For The Treatment Of The Spine - BackStrong Ergonomic Chair

A comfortable chair allows you to work and learn better. There are many ergonomic chairs on the market. These chairs generally adjust fatigue from the head, back, lumbar support and armrests.


Today I introduce you to a BackStrong ergonomic chair designed by the famous chiropractor Dennis Colonello, who is the Royal Chiropractor of the Los Angeles Clippers.


Dennis Colonello has seen a wide variety of patient patients, so he wanted to design a revolutionary ergonomic chair. It can not only treat the spine, but also enable everyone to stay healthy in their work and study.He is also a spine therapist in many business and entertainment circles, so the BackStrong ergonomic chair he designed is naturally sought after by these big names. For example, Paula Abdul (famous singer), Justin Bieber (famous singer) and O'Neill (NBA star) they all think that the BackStrong ergonomic chair is the best chair in the world.


1,Very good seat adjustment flexibility

2,Keep your center of gravity

3,Promote your blood circulation

The Sit-In-Motion technology patent is a unique patent of the BackStrong ergonomic chair, which reduces the pressure on key parts and improves the comfort of sitting posture through the cradle design.

To make the chair look cool, the Dennis Colonello design team also assisted in the design of the computer.


The spine problem has become a common problem for office workers who have been sitting in front of office computers for a long time. An ergonomic chair that can treat spinal problems is recommended for everyone.