The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Four Common Bathroom Cabinets

Solid wood bathroom cabinets, PVC bathroom cabinets, stainless steel bathroom cabinets and aerospace aluminum (space aluminum) bathroom cabinets these categories, then these types of bathroom cabinets, what are their respective advantages and disadvantages?

1. oak bathroom cabinet

Bathroom cabinet has the advantages of beautiful appearance, design style can be arbitrary, relatively strong and durable, the price is also relatively expensive, generally have more than 1000 points, many antique cabinet tens of thousands. Because the oak cabinet needs three waterproof technology (i.e. paint), which is easier to control the bad formaldehyde and benzene standard, general factory after spraying second days will finish package delivery, no chance of harmful substances such as volatile, it is recommended that you buy or if it is oak wood and PVC bathroom cabinet, all is the best dry a few days to install, because the harm of formaldehyde and benzene is really very thin Si fear, then the second disadvantage is that the door is easy to deformation, it is relatively easy to Alice, of course, only a small part will encounter this problem, hot region is relatively easier than deformation, remedy is the time to buy as much as possible some of the anti deformation processed!

Oak cabinets are also the best on the market these days. After all, it's really comfortable to look at!

Bathroom cabinet can do is a lot of color, black and white black walnut wine red oak and unique water paint, this paper said most of the water paint, is also looks like the color of the transparent paint, water paint actually divided into two kinds, one is the closed paint, another is open paint. Open paint is not recommended to buy, because the water paint really thin, wood surface without scraping putty, so waterproof properties and performance are greatly reduced.

2. stainless steel and space aluminum bathroom cabinet

We are very familiar with stainless steel, durable advantages, disadvantages is that the style is not too good, this is flawed! Space aluminum bathroom cabinet advantages, waterproof, moisture-proof, style is also possible, and not easy to fade, affordable! Non oxidation!

3.PVC bathroom cabinet

PVC bathroom cabinets, such bathroom cabinets in the past few years, accounting for almost half of the market, the advantages and disadvantages are obvious. Disadvantages, durable, solid, poor, with nails can pinch out nail print, the advantage is cheaper, lighter weight, waterproof, fire, moisture! Generally available for 3-5 years

4. solid wood bathroom

Solid wood bathroom cabinets, and oak to distinguish between here, solid wood panels are mainly multi-storey panels, MDF based, that is, the framework is really solid wood, the current domestic relatively small sale. Mainly exports, foreign trade more! The advantage is durable, strong, the disadvantage is that easy to deformation, but also easy to crack, of course, only a small part! The main said, many manufacturers have black wood cabinets when oak cabinets sold mainly oak cabinet with the color of the wood cabinets must pay attention to is not shoddy, because oak cabinet is bigger than the cost of wood cabinets more! Identification method is to look at the process, the solid wood multilayer board can not do too complex pattern design, especially carved, solid wood is impossible!

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