The Design Of The Leisure Chair

An leisure chair that accord with human body engineering an make us to sit more comfortably and live healthier lives.

According to the survey, the design requirements of human-machine chair are as follows´╝î

1. Maintain a healthy and correct curvature of the spine.

2. Prevent your pelvis from tilting backwards.

3. Minimize stress on coccyx and buttocks.

4. Provide effective support for the pelvis ischial join.

5. Reduce and limit the pressure on the fossa muscles.

Provide good support for your pelvis and feet.

Now it is widely believed that backrests are needed. The person of now won't sit down honestly again on the chair, they can present all sorts of posture, back of the chair gives them a psoas muscle rests the opportunity that relaxes, however, want to relax truly depends on the back curve design of the chair reasonable.