The Difference Between An Advanced Office Chair And An Ordinary Office Chair

High-end office chairs are not only high-end materials, but also designed to be high-end, high-end office chairs should be comfortable and adaptable to the public. High-end office furniture in China is currently only an abstract concept, and there is no real uniform standard to measure high-end office furniture. Here, according to industry experience, I have been talking about the definition of the two in the office chair for many years to share with you!

First of all, it is the aspect of office furniture materials.

Determine if office furniture materials meet high standards. Generally speaking, the manufacture of office furniture materials in China can be divided into three levels: one is the solid wood panel with solid wood office furniture as the main raw material; the second is the Chengdu office made of non-expensive boards such as fiberboard and particleboard. Furniture products, this series of materials are at the high-end level; the third is artificial wood (such as MFC board, MDF, etc.) and other synthetic wood as the main substrate of office furniture products, this series of materials is mid-range, other materials are some non-wood Materials, this series of materials is of a general grade. The quality of these three aspects is also high and low, such as paint glass, aluminum, cold-rolled steel, cloth, etc., according to the material itself, scarcity and price judgment. In the material of the leather, it is generally the best leather, followed by the xipi.

Second, it is the design of the office chair

To achieve the recognized high-end, in addition to the choice of natural and harmless materials for office furniture itself, in the style of the furniture itself, art design needs to be recognized. This standard is not difficult to understand. If a table itself is made of mahogany, but in the shape and other artistic design, no artistic metaphor and abstract expression are used. This is very large and will reduce people's high recognition of this table. . Especially nowadays, people are generally influenced by the influence of modern aesthetics. It is also the pursuit of simple, simple and personalized furniture design style. The pursuit of beauty is also a high-end embodiment.

No matter how good or expensive the office chair is, no matter how beautiful the furniture design, modern art and aesthetics, we need to note the functionality of the office furniture, that is, the furniture is used, especially the office chair in the enterprise. Operation plays an important role, and its practicality and functionality are very important. Therefore, the design must incorporate ergonomics and other scientific principles to design the office chair, and the comfort of comfortable office furniture is also a high-end practice.