The Function Of Computer Chairs

Folding function

According to the function, it can be divided into two kinds of computer chairs:

1) Ordinary computer chair

Computer chairs usually only meet the usual use of ordinary users, short-term Internet access, etc.;

2) Ergonomic computer chair

 The so-called ergonomic computer chair is ergonomically designed and used in a way that is suitable for the natural form of the human body, so that the person who can use the tool does not need any active adaptation when working, and thus minimizes the fatigue caused by the use of the tool. This type of computer chair must meet the following conditions:

1. The headrest is adjustable;

2. The handrail can be raised and lowered, and can be lifted in multiple steps, so that the hand and the body can maintain the best position with the ground and the computer table;

3. The backrest can better fit the back, and can effectively relieve the fatigue of the spine when working at a desk for a long time;

4. With lifting function;

5. The length and width of the seat cushion and the height of the chair must be specially tailored to the user. For example, Asians usually have fewer heights and weights than Europeans. Therefore, for Asians, there must be a certain standard of standards. For Europeans, it must be another set of standards.

6. There are thick explosion-proof steel plates. Any ergonomic computer chair must be people-oriented, starting from the person and taking personal safety as the first element. The main function of the explosion-proof steel plate is to strengthen the protection of personal safety;

7. The gas pressure rod must be certified by SGS International;

8. The load-bearing capacity of the tripod should be greater than or equal to 500kg. The test method can use the car to press the stand one by one to confirm the load bearing capacity.

Material type

1) Ordinary plastic feet: now basically eliminated, poor quality and reliability. Most of them are small chairs in use. Due to the recycling of plastics, such products are relatively environmentally friendly.

2) Nylon plastic feet: It has been used in large quantities and has many grades. If the wheels on the five claws are not installed, the five claw tips are padded with bricks, the car weighing 1.5 tons, the wheels are pressed on the five claws, or the static pressure is constant, the quality is completely assured. Due to the recycling of plastics, such products are relatively environmentally friendly.

3) Steel iron feet (painting, plating): easy to rust, the weld is easy to crack.

4) Wooden feet: iron frame, wood surface only plays a decorative role.

5) Aluminum alloy feet.

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