The Maintenance Of The Door Plate Of The Bathroom Cabinet

1, avoid near the heat source, power supply, water source, avoid sunshine direct exposure;

2, do not contact with gasoline, benzene, acetone and other organic solvents;

3, the YISHION cotton cloth is clean, with the brush to clean the carvings.

4, it is best to use solid wood furniture wax cleaning;

5, it is recommended that it is best to maintain a solid wood bathroom every half a month or so: cleaning, waxing, and maintaining a long bright color;

6, should avoid the overflow of water table. Splash left door long-term immersion deformation.

7, the bathroom cabinet door and drawer open should be properly forced, do not vigorously open the fierce shut. The cabinet on the glass lift, should respect the design selection with hydraulic support or stop at will, in order to ensure the safe use.

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