The Maintenance Of The Table Of The Bathroom Cabinet

In order to prolong the service life of the table, do not put the high temperature object directly on the table. In placing high temperature objects, other heat insulation materials, such as rubber foot support, heat insulation mat and so on, should be placed under the place of the object.

Bathroom mirror

1, bathroom mirror once installed, please don't move around and removed, not to use the goods hit the mirror broken so as not to hurt; floor bathroom mirror can move, but need cooperation by the people, and laid before the same angle with the move, not to let the children alone to push or pull the falling mirror;

2, other accessories if found loose, please adjust or repair in time, so as not to fall off to cause accidents.

Water tank

1, keep the sewer smooth and clog, if there are clogging, be sure to ask the professional company to dredge up.

2, the interface between the basin and the table should be dry, such as water stains and wiping dry cloth.

3, pay attention to the time limit for the use of materials such as hose, sealing material and so on, and change it in time.

4, to prevent any part of the cabinet to be immersed in the water. Always check whether the faucet and basin are leaking. When running, running, dripping and leaking, the water should be repaired in time, processed in time, and the service life of the cabinet will be prolonged. When cleaning, can not be washed directly with water, clean with cleaning agent and cloth.

5, in the pipeline leakage, should ask professional companies to timely maintenance repair.

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