The opportunity for e-sports to enter the Olympics is coming.

Officials of the International Olympic Committee and member associations discussed the development of e-sports at a summit in the fall of 2017. They believe that e-sports can be recognized as a sporting event. The popularity and popularity of e-sports among young people is beneficial to the development of the Olympics. These views have greatly increased the confidence of players in e-sports. In fact, in 2018, the interaction between e-sports and traditional sports events is very frequent: Korean KT e-sports team players participate in the PyeongChang Olympic torch relay, Brazil's "League of Legends" e-sports competition joined the drug testing process, the US Olympic Organizing Committee announced the addition of the Xbox Game Tournament to the 2018 Seattle Special Olympics for the exhibition game... and the voice of the people about e-sports It is also getting higher.

Nowadays, e-sports has successfully entered Asia. So, can you take advantage of this momentum to achieve the vision of e-sports into the Olympics?

Although the answer is not clear, the opportunity for e-sports to enter the Olympics has already appeared.

Game think tank June 29 news, the International Olympic Committee recently announced that the International Olympic Committee and the International Federation of International Sports Associations will hold an e-sports opportunity and Olympics on July 21st at the International Olympic Committee Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. The theme forum of the movement, it is understood that the forum aims to strengthen mutual exchanges and understanding with the e-sports industry, or will directly affect the possibility of e-sports into the Olympics, the theme forum will be invited to include game industry executives, players, sponsors, The organizers of the event, etc., actively explored how to establish the relationship between the Olympic leader and the e-sports industry. IOC Sports Director Kate McConnell said that the forum will be an important opportunity for the Olympic Games and e-sports representatives to listen, discuss, learn and seek cooperation opportunities.

The selection of e-sports in the Olympic Games can be said to be the hope of every esports game player and the dream of every e-sportsman. But at the same time, e-sports into the Olympics is also a long-term and a long-term thing, it is not a matter of day and night. The e-sports election to the Olympics faces the following major problems:

1. Project selection

The main content of the Olympic spirit proposed by Mr. Pierre de Coubertin is “peace, friendship and progress”. It is obvious that the core tenets of many e-sports games are not in line with it. Many FPS and MOBA games are now flooded. With blood and violence, IOC President Thomas Bach has made it clear that the Olympic Games will be able to accept e-sports projects in the future, but only consider video games that reflect “reality sports” and oppose “promoting violence, explosions and The killing of video games, the Olympic Games project needs to convey the competitive sports spirit of non-discrimination, non-violence and peaceful coexistence among compatriots.

So what kind of game projects may be adopted by the Olympic Organizing Committee?

The answer is obviously sports esports games. In the choice of specific game projects, the Olympic Games Organizing Committee will be inclined to football, basketball and other electronic games that can reflect real sports. Compared with other e-sports games, the word “root is Miaohong” is used to describe the genetics of sports e-sports. However, as a derivative of traditional sports, sports e-sports projects have a natural advantage. Take the "FIFA" and "Football" series as an example. Both the "FIFA" and "Football" series need to be authorized to display traditional football sports events. The game content is closely related to the actual sports events, as a real sport. The virtual version of the event, sports esports games are more easily accepted by the general public. Bach said that the Olympic Organizing Committee hopes that some players will compete in football or other sports in the virtual world. The Olympic Organizing Committee is more inclined to football, basketball and other electronic games that can reflect real sports, against those who advocate violence, explosion and killing. Video game.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to sports esports games, several esports games that have successfully entered Asia are also likely to become the first esports projects to enter the Olympics, League of Legends, Arena of Valor, Royal Family. "Earth" and other six e-sports projects selected for the Asian Games test will have certain natural advantages. If the e-sports enter the Olympics, then the Olympic Organizing Committee will certainly learn from the experience of the Asian Games and choose the one that has successfully entered the Asian Games. Several game projects.

2. The qualification process of the e-sports project

It is undoubtedly a very difficult task to create a reasonable standard process and let e-sports players comply. Compared with traditional events, the e-sports are "innately inadequate" in the regulatory system.

Admittedly, e-sports is a successful industry, but current e-sports lack organizational discipline, and there is no professional industry regulator to ensure that all players follow the rules of standardization. Compared with the cumbersome rules and regulations of the traditional sports industry, the e-sports industry has a short development time, and the rules and behavioral norms of the e-sports are not perfect, and even very rudimentary.

Taking the “drug inspection” process owned by traditional sports as an example, the game think tank has been in the “high-speed development of electric competitions, what attitude should the drug inspection process take? "The article clearly states that there is a big difference between e-sports players and traditional sports players. Traditional sports players are very familiar with the standardization process of the event from an early age. Most e-sports players are no different from ordinary people. They will It is skeptical about the standardization process of traditional competitions such as drug testing, and even has a rebellious attitude towards the rules of traditional competitions.

3. Copyright interest

The primary purpose of game companies to create electric competitions is to make a profit. The primary purpose of traditional sports events is to have an international reputation and promote the development of local related industries. The two have a world of difference in purpose. The biggest difference between e-sports and traditional sports is that the copyright of e-sports competitions belongs to game companies.

Therefore, how to balance the interests of manufacturers, choose the right organization, and choose e-sports projects are very big problems for the Olympic Games Organizing Committee. Of course, this is not a hole in the wind. After careful observation, you will find that three of the six e-sports games on the Hangzhou Asian Games are games owned by Tencent, and the 2017 Olympic Games in Turkmenistan’s Asian Indoor Martial Arts The e-sports project was dominated by Ali Sports, and the Tencent Department project was completely annihilated.

As a stakeholder, game makers will most likely interfere with the choice of the Olympic Games and Asian Games e-sports projects. The choice of game companies will directly affect the fairness and impartiality of the Olympics selection.