The Outdoor Chair With Netting

Whether you’re going camping, sitting on the sidelines at your kids ‘ soccer game or hanging out at the park or beach this summer, the bugs will find you. This time of year, it can feel like no amount of bug spray will protect you from the gnats and mosquitos. But that’s where this chair comes in.

Sure, you might not want to ditch the bug spray altogether, but this canopy chair comes equipped with netting that will help shield you from the bugs, so long as you’re seated. The chair is a traditional, foldable-style fabric chair, the type you’re used to toting around during the summer season — except that it comes with extra amenities. It’s equipped with a canopy to shield you from the sun, as well as netting that can be zipped up. Once zipped, the netting surrounds the entire chair and works to protect you from any flying bugs that might have otherwise had access to those exposed legs of yours.