The Role Of Office Furniture In Different Colors

In recent years, scientists and psychologists in various countries have conducted in-depth and subtle research on color, and have come to the conclusion that "color can cure diseases." Experiments have shown that colorful household items and furnishings will become a healthy "nutrient".

1, orange office furniture

Produces vitality, induces appetite, helps calcium absorption, and helps to restore and maintain health. This color is suitable for entertainment rooms, kitchens, etc. It is not suitable for dormitory or study.

2, blue office furniture

It can reduce the pulse, adjust the body balance, and use blue in the bedroom to eliminate tension and help relieve headache, fever, syncope and insomnia. The blue environment makes people feel quiet and quiet.

3, red office furniture

Stimulates and excites the nervous system, increases adrenaline secretion and enhances blood circulation. However, when there is too much exposure to red, anxiety and physical and mental stress will be generated, and those who are prone to fatigue will be exhausted. Therefore, avoid using too much red in the bedroom or study.

4, indigo office furniture

Adjustable and muscle, reduce or stop bleeding, can affect the visual, auditory and olfactory, and reduce the sensitivity of the light body to pain. This color is not suitable for decoration, but if it is used for fabrics, it can give people a sense of security.

5, purple office furniture

It has a depressing effect on the motor nerve, lymphatic system and heart system, which can maintain the balance of potassium in the body, and promote the feeling of quietness and love and caring for others.