Trunk Bench

Today, in a world of high-tech and sleek design, our eyes are often plagued by designs that are as varied as a kaleidoscope. The appearance of the trunk bench undoubtedly made our eyes shine. Those who don't like it may feel that It does not care about the design's pursuit of perfection. And the person who likes it will smile at the joke-like mix and sneer.

Hen criticized the idea that people lacked consideration of the world around them. The little trick is actually questioning the value criteria for judging "useful" and "useless".

What the trunk bench tells us is that importance of the design of so-called highly complex, multi-processed and repeatedly considered objects is often exaggerated. This trunk pulls us directly back to the basic stage of craftsmanship: a piece of unprocessed log is Given a clear practical function and deeper meaning after being embedded in the back of a traditional chair.

The trunk is a seat designed to make people think. It forces us to recall that its predecessor was a big tree and the experience of transforming it into a home furnishings.

Below is the trunk bench challenges the design and materials of traditional chairs with a fascinating sense of humor.