Types Of Office Chairs

There are two general classifications of office chairs:

Broadly speaking, all the chairs in the office are called office chairs, including: executive chairs, medium-sized chairs, small chairs, staff chairs, training chairs, and reception chairs.

In a narrow sense, an office chair is a chair that people sit on when they are working on the desktop.

Class chair


The more common materials for the chair are leather and eco-friendly leather, and a small number of executive chairs will use mesh or linen. The chair is relatively large, the air permeability is good, it is not easy to aging, and it is not deformed. Generally, it adopts solid wood handrails, solid wood feet, and has a lifting function. Applicable to the management area such as boss, senior executive, manager room.

Staff chair


The staff chairs are made of mesh materials. The main staff of the staff chairs are ordinary staff, mainly for business purchases, or for government and school purchases. The family can purchase them as a study chair.

Training chair


The materials of the training chair are mainly mesh and plastic. The training chair is mainly for the convenience of various office meetings or training chairs, including dictation chairs, news chairs, conference chairs and so on.

Reception chair


The reception chair is mainly used to receive chairs for outsiders. After the outsiders come to a strange environment, they are unfamiliar with everything around them. Therefore, the reception chairs generally adopt casual styles to give people a relaxed state.

When purchasing an office chair, the comfort of the office chair is very important. A good chair should be able to adjust variously according to the state of sitting, so as to achieve the most comfortable and functional chair, the price will be more expensive, but This will be more practical. When buying furniture in the Henan office furniture market, you can go to Zhengzhou Xingwo Furniture to buy.