What Are The Five Main Points Of Choosing An Ergonomic Chair?

The ergonomic chair is specially designed for the sedentary family. Although sitting in the office is not a very tiring thing for the manual workers, if you have been sitting uncomfortably, the effect of this static fatigue is still very large. of. Earning money is to make yourself more comfortable. The office chair is so long with your own time, or spend a little more time thinking about choosing a suitable office chair.

[Ergonomic chair picture]


First, look at the headrest. The general ergonomic chair has a headrest because it makes it easy for us to take a nap. The company usually has time for employees to take a break at noon, so as to ensure the afternoon work. If you don't have a headrest, you can only sleep on your back, but sleeping on your back will not only affect the respiratory system, but also affect the contours of your face. Especially for some girls who have makeup, they can only resist not sleeping, or else... ...so, the advantage of having a headrest is here. Have a good sleep at noon , the afternoon is full of energy.

Second, look at the cushion.

The general cushions are sponge cushions, but the cushion material has developed into mesh in recent years, because the sponge will be very stuffy, especially in summer. If the seat cushion is mesh, the breathability will be much better. In winter, you may add a cushion according to your personal needs.

Third, look at the backrest.

Because the back of the person can't be straight, the correct sitting posture should be curved. The backrest is the power of the S-type to give the waist a support, so sedentary will not be very tired.

Fourth, look at the handrails.

Ergonomic chairs are handrails, but some armrests can be lifted or otherwise adjusted, and some can't. When you put your hand on the armrest, check if you feel comfortable.

Fifth, look at the bar.

The quality of the gas pressure bar should be important and must be certified for safety. Because of the incidents of office chair explosions before, most of them are caused by the quality of the gas pressure bar. Although no safety certification does not necessarily explode, I personally attach great importance to the issue of security.