What Kind Of Chair Is Good For The Spine?

"Sitting" has become a normal state of modern life. Whether it's learning to work or play, modern people always need to sit in front of the computer. There are many bad places in sedentary injuries. How to choose a good seat is a matter of learning. How do we choose? From the perspective of orthopedics, it is best to consider these points in the ideal office chair:

First, the angle and surface of the back should be adjustable

The angle and surface of the seat back should be adjustable and have good support for the neck, back and waist.

The normal human body has three physiological curvatures. Because of physiological requirements, they do not grow in a straight line. The thoracic vertebrae are convex, and the cervical and lumbar vertebrae are convex forward. From the side, the spine is like the connection of two S. Due to this physiological feature, the waist and back cannot be placed in the same plane. Therefore, if you want to achieve a comfortable sitting posture, the design of the back should conform to the natural spine curve. It can maintain the lordosis of the cervical and lumbar vertebrae and the kyphosis of the thoracic vertebrae. 


Therefore, a well-designed work chair should have the following three support points for the back of the human body:

>>The adjustable neck pillow at the head and neck provides support for the anterior convex cervical vertebrae.

>> There is an adjustable surface on the upper back to support the kyphosis thoracic vertebrae.

>> Adjustable lumbar pad at the back of the waist to support the anterior lumbar vertebrae.

The full support in the above three parts ensures that the user sits on the computer chair while sitting while maintaining the natural curve of the spine, avoiding the occurrence of spinal deformity.

Second, the chair should be adjustable height

Adjust the height of the seat according to your height. The thigh and the ground parallel knee are bent about 90°. The two feet can be stepped on the ground smoothly. When the computer is operated, the head and neck are on the same vertical line. Increases the stability of the body and reduces the degree of spinal involvement.

Third, the chair has a handrail better

The armrests of the chair have a supporting effect when standing up, which can share the pressure of the waist.

The height of the armrest is also important, and its height must support the elbow and elbow joints. The armrests of many seats only serve to hold the hand.

Fourth, the base is hard and strong, and the support is strong. It is not inclined due to the weight of the body.

Generally speaking, the height of the base from the ground is 40~45cm (others are particularly tall or particularly short). This height is basically the length of the calf. Sitting on the feet can naturally be placed on the floor. If the seat base is easy to move and the supporting force is poor, the human waist muscles will be instinctively strained to keep the upper body smooth, and the waist muscles will be more easily strained.