What Kind Of Office Chair Is Ergonomic?

What kind of office chair is ergonomic?

As far as I know, as a member of the long-term work on the computer chair, I still have a deep understanding. The choice of ergonomic chair can be easily understood from the following points:

1) Headrest, the headrest of some ergonomic chairs can be moved up and down. This is mainly designed for the position of the head comfort of the person. 2) The back of the chair is moderately soft and moderate, and the curve of the back of the chair fits the human spine. The curvature, the full support of the back, the waist can relieve the excessive pressure load on the back, to ensure the correct sitting posture; this also has the advantage that you can choose the heel or free function when you are tired; 3) whether the seat is wide Thick and comprehensive support can not only reduce the impact of the body's weight when sitting down, but also relieve the pressure on the buttocks during long-term work, and relax the body and mind;

4) The pillow can keep sitting. The pillow can indeed relieve the person with lumbar muscle strain; 5) Casters: Whether it is safe and smooth. 6) Finally, let's also consider the height of the table in the dormitory, so it is very important to choose a chair that can be lifted and lowered. When it comes to the chair that can be lifted, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the level of the bar is at level 3 or above. This is relatively safer;

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