Why Cabinet, China Han Li Homes For Three Years Ranked Top Ten?

1. brand advantages: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Han Li, as the leadership of the whole Cabinet, whole-House custom brand, have been China environmental labelling products, famous brand of Guangdong Province, State-level high-tech enterprise, top 500 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province, China Cabinet top ten brands, closet industry of China top ten brands, Chinese kitchen and bathroom industry awards such as top, full of honor.

"Life and love" is Han Li home with promises of love, focus on home health, focus on family feelings, opened the national "love House" dissemination activities. In 2015, Han Li constantly reform innovation, around "Star poly force, new future" this a strategy theme, played series "combination fist": Han Li spokesman Kim Hee-Sun Miss shooting fashion advertising large; released Star products, formed star team; signed CCTV, layout high-speed rail, series of heavy lift, purpose is to further upgrade Han Li of brand influence, shaping more full of brand reputation degrees, let Han Li human and full emotional of home concept people.

2. experience: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

In addition to the brand image and concept packaging about the market, and savvy consumers, is still the most recognized product experience value.

With contemporary living standards rising, when consumers buy the cabinets and other household products, rather than just considering the price and features of the product, rational consumers on product design, environmental standards, sales experience, servic and so on have higher requirements, they can bring to the consumers at ease, enjoy the shopping experience, leading to brand loyalty.

Over the years, Han Li home design and health product experience, preferably green raw materials, environmental protection level is higher than the national standard, carry out more stylish, more human-friendly design. And in the end consumers experience: from the design of the exhibition hall to recommender system training and after-sales team-building, each link are able to continue to improve, so that consumers really enjoy customizing the home shopping experience.