Without The Life Of The Director, You Should Also Sit In The Director's Chair.

Yeti is a company that produces high-end outdoor refrigeration equipment and was founded in 2006. The company's founders are two brothers who have been passionate about outdoor activities, hunting, fishing, and participating in outdoor industrial trade exhibitions with their fathers. They loved wild games from an early age, were interested in unfamiliar areas, and were curious about high quality outdoor gear.


Therefore, their company has always been the main production target of outdoor facilities, especially the outdoor cooling equipment, which has won unanimous praise in the industry. Today I will introduce the company's newly designed outdoor chair, which can be regarded as the most luxurious in the outdoor lightweight series, the lightest in the luxurious chair.


"Because mountaineering fabrics and mountain bike frame materials have always had a high reputation, we decided to use them to design an indestructible and surprisingly comfortable chair." So designed this outdoor chair, folding Hondo The camp chair weighs only 16.5 pounds and can support 500 pounds.

office chair

On the top of the styling, most of the chairs use straight line language, including frames, handrails, backrests, and so on. Despite some curves, the overall feeling is still very square. This gives the chair a sense of security, plus a relatively large size, very masculine, full of solid and stable feeling.


One side of the chair is also provided with a space for holding the cup, which is connected to the chair. The shape consists of three cylinders of different diameters, which are convenient for cups of different sizes.


In some details, because the chair bracket is much thicker than other outdoor steel tube chairs, the connecting screws are very large, and the overall material is very sufficient. Just like a regular army equipped with powerful weapons, the most intuitive feeling is firm and firm. And these details are not at all sloppy, whether it's screws or frame connections, they are all perfect, so that the chair will not feel cheap under the extensive shape.

racing chair

Do you want to experience the comfortable outdoor rest of the beach? Come on.